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Half Day Summer Camp

Age Group: 7-12


August 14-18, 2023


Time: 9am - 12noon

Day care (optional): Not available

Price: $150 per week.

$30 per day (depending on availability)

Space Availability: 8 children only

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How it works

Program runs 9am - 12noon 

The programs begin at 9am. Students meet their instructor and get ready for their fun-filled art classes. 

The day will include 1 snack time. and 15 minutes playtime.

All students eat together with their teacher in the air conditioned room .

At the end of the day (12 noon), students meet their parents at the art room where parents can meet their child's instructor and sign them out before leaving the building.

What to bring to Camp

While the students spend their time indoors, the camp rooms are appropriately air conditioned. Students will enjoy an active and creative experience at NCAC summer camps. Comfortable clothing that is appropriate for working with art materials is recommended.

Students should bring following to each camp

  •  Snack
  • Water/Drinks (Please label child's name on water bottles)

*Please remember that NCAC is nut-free facility.

What to leave at home

Please do not bring any valuables such as money, electronic devices, toys or jewelry. We will not be responsible for lost or missing valuables brought to camp.

Pictures of Last Year's Camp

At last year's camp, children had a good time as well as an interesting learning experiences. Fine art, dance and music classes filled the camp days with fun and excitement.

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