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At Niagara Creative Arts, we offer fun and educational drama/theatre lessons for Niagara children 3 to 13. Register and save your spot today!

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12-week session starting on Thursday, September 20, 2018. Performance on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

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The Studio

Our 700 square-foot studio is air-conditioned and equipped with 2 fully mirrored walls. We took great care in researching what kind of floor would best meet the needs of our studio and ensure our students safety. Our studio floor was made by world's renowned Stagestep flooring company and shipped to St. Catharines directly from the company's warehouse in Philadelphia. Studio is available for rent for dance, fitness, Zumba, yoga etc. classes.

Class Instructor: Jordine De Guzman

Jordine De Guzman is a student at Brock University working toward an Honours degree in the Production & Design concentration of its Dramatic Art program. She has acted in as well as worked behind the scenes of multiple student-run productions over the last several years. She has extensive experience with the art of drama and looks forward to sharing it with theatre lovers and future theatremakers alike.

Niagara Creative Arts Drama Studio

Drama Classes We Offer

Little Stars

Description: The Little Stars program will use storybook drama techniques to engage your child in movement, dance, song, imagination and play to explore elements of music and drama. In this fun and creative space, your child will develop their interpersonal and social skills while gaining more body awareness through physical games and sensory awareness through music and sound.

Age Group: 3-5

Time: Thursday, 5:15 - 6 PM

Cost: $144 (tax included)

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Shining Stars

Description: The Shining Stars program offers your child a space for self-exploration and confidence building while having lots of fun! Shining Stars immerses your child into a hands-on theater process. Mimicking the theater process including the audition process, prop-making, vocal warm-ups, rehearsals and everything in between, your child has the opportunity to devise and perform their own play with the help of a trained facilitator.

Age Group: 6-9

Time: Thursday 6 - 7PM.

Cost: $180 (tax included)

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Star Performers

Description: This program will allow your child to plan, rehearse and perform their own short scenes. Through improvisation, movement and basic voice and acting skills, as well as drama games and activities, your child will gain teamwork and leadership skills while learning how to use stage space as a performer.

Age Group: 10-14

Time: 7- 8 PM

Cost: $180 (tax included)

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